Sitting at her desk in the middle of the night Demalynn hears a loud ‘clack’ and is transported to another planet. Saffire is a much different place than home: no child is ever born. Demalynn has just one goal: get back to her family. Demalynn meets Aiden, an eighteen-year-old boy, who quickly becomes her close friend and tries to help her find her way back home.
Just when Demalynn thinks she is going to get home, something happens to turn the whole plan around and throws her into a fight to save her life, and strangely enough, save her family. Demalynn becomes a reluctant key player in the prophesy called ‘The Coming’. In Saffire’s time of greatest need, a child will be born to a special woman, the Gravidarum. The child, who has no father of this planet, will be known as the Unum, a child to lead Saffire. The Helper will battle to keep the Gravidarum safe until the Unum is born. Jago Malcon, the ruler of Saffire, will stop at nothing to kill the Helper and avoid the first child being born on Saffire. The first child born on Saffire would be regarded as the rightful ruler of Saffire, Jago would be removed from power. Jago is prepared to kill every person on Saffire before he lets this happen. Demalynn is the Helper and must protect the woman who is pregnant so that she can give birth on Saffire.
Aiden is at Demalynn’s side for the entire conflict and feelings develop. In the end she must make a choice: stay on Saffire with Aiden or go home and re-unite her family.
Clackers is a young adult novel. It is a story of first love set against the harsh backdrop of a dystopian society controlled by teenagers where the reproductive process is mutated so no children are born.
This book will appeal to readers who enjoy: Young Adult, Thriller, Romance, Utopian/Dystopia, Science fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Medical Fiction.