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There is nothing as powerful in life as your first love. When this happens after clacking to a strange new world where people reverse age—let’s say it’s complicated.

Demalynn is a seventeen-year-old who has panic attacks and a boyfriend she can’t shake. All the drama would make great material for her stand-up comedy skits if an even bigger problem wasn’t hanging over her head: Dad will die without a liver transplant from Mom. Unfortunately, Mom is pregnant so the liver transplant is not happening anytime soon. Demalynn is not looking forward to a sibling seventeen years younger, but it happens. Read More

The Face Transplant

An epic journey of suspense, murder, and sacrifice.The Face Transplant is a powerful medical suspense thriller of the first order.  The novel was written by a surgeon.The novel has a realism that only a surgeon can bring.The plot weaves politics, medicine and espionage into a tightly paced, intelligent thriller.The novel crescendos page by page to a totally unexpected conclusion.Dr. Matthew MacAulay is a facial transplant surgeon at a prestigious New York hospital. When his friend and mentor, Tom Grabowski, dies under mysterious circumstances, Matthew uncovers his friend’s secret: a new technique that allows perfect facial transplants.No incisions, no scars. Read More